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Employing the right people

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"If you want something doing right, you've got to do it yourself"


We've all heard people saying this and those that run their own business seem to say it more often than most. If you say it regularly, are you a perfectionist or is it just a case of “can't get the staff”?


Building a good team to support you as you grow a business is an art rather than a science. Once you have run a business for a few years, it is easy to forget what it is like to be an employee. There is no one answer but there are some helpful tips for anyone employing staff:


  • Ensure you have a structured way of interviewing people. There is no point finding out that someone can't do the job once they have been with you for a month. Build up a list of questions that you use in interviews and continually develop and improve it.
  • Promote from within whenever you can. As long as someone has the ability to do the job, give them the chance. You know what you are getting and it sends out a message to everyone else that those that work hard will be rewarded. Besides, almost two-thirds of appointments to jobs paying over £20,000 do not work.
  • Spread your net as wide as possible when looking for employees. An advert at the local job centre will not result in a flood of applications and the ideal employee may be someone with a job already but looking for a better one. Do a deal with a chain of local newspapers to put an advert in the jobs section of all their publications and consider advertising online via your website, job boards and social media channels such as LinkedIn. Employ people you like and who your team will like. You are going to spend a lot of time together and a good atmosphere will help productivity.
  • Don't employ your best mate. Good friendships rarely translate into good working relationships and friendships can often be ruined.
  • Get the legal stuff right. Use a good solicitor or a cheaper web-based solution like “BeProfessional” to ensure that all your appointment (and dismissal) procedures do not land you with an appearance at an Industrial Tribunal.

Keep people informed of successes. Nothing is more de-motivating than not knowing what is going on.


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