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What services do we provide?

For advice on these and many other issues that affect you, please contact Accountants 4 Construction Consultants on (01474) 85356, or visit our 'Meet the Team' page for further contact details.

Construction Consultant

We provide a range of compliance and added value services to our clients.

Accounts Preparation

We prepare non statutory accounts for sole trades and partnerships, and statutory accounts for private Limited Companies (Ltd) and Public Limited Companies (PLC).

As part of our accounts preparation service we will ensure you claim the maximum amount of tax deductions available to you. We will also make recommendations where appropriate where we identify opportunities for additional tax deductions in future periods.

Our aim is to complete the preparation of draft accounts within 30 days of receiving all the information we require.

Audit and Assurance

We are registered auditors and able to carry out statutory audits when required. For some businesses it may be beneficial to have a statutory audit undertaken despite not being required to by Companies House. Benefits of this include reduced risk of fraud and improved funding made available to the business. Additionally, we carry out the following audit and assurance services:

  • Internal audit services - we assist businesses who wish to have internal audit work carried out to improve the accuracy of their financial information and to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Assurance services - we provide assurance services where you have specific areas of your business that you would like to be reviewed.
  • Due diligence - when required we undertake due diligence work for business purchases and separations.

Business Tax

We undertake the calculation of taxes due and prepare tax returns for partnerships, private Limited Companies (Ltd) and Public Limited Companies (PLC).

As part of our service we will also remind you of any tax payments that are becoming due and explain the reasons why your tax bill might be different from the previous year.


We can undertake a full monthly or annual payroll service including:

  1. Calculating net wages to be paid to staff, based on gross figures provided by you
  2. Providing payslips in respect of all employees
  3. Advising you of the monthly amounts to be paid to HM Revenue and Customs in respect of PAYE and National Insurance
  4. Providing you with monthly (as required) journal entries to be posted to your accounting system
  5. Completion of all end of year forms required, including form P35
  6. Completion of P11D (b) benefit in kind forms
  7. Assistance with maintaining Construction Industry Schemes (CIS)

If you currently manage your own payroll function, we can also assist you with any particular advice you need.

Company secretarial services

We can provide full company secretarial services or occasional specialist consultancy including:

  • Providing registered office and service address
  • Acting as Company Secretary
  • Secure holding and maintenance of statutory records
  • Annual returns and other statutory form completion
  • Company or LLP formations
  • Mail forwarding
  • Circulation of accounts and AGM notices
  • Share allotments and transfers
  • Company searches

Personal Tax

We undertake full preparation of personal tax returns, including individuals who hold property or financial investments and those who reside outside the UK. As part of our service we will also remind you of any tax payments that are becoming due.



Added Value Services

In addition we offer many added value services, including this selection of the most popular.

Management accounts service

Most small and medium sized businesses operate at a huge disadvantage to their larger competitors due to a lack of financial information on a monthly or even weekly basis.
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Corporate and income tax planning

We can advise in a variety of ways on how your business can plan in advance to ensure your tax liabilities are kept to a legal minimum. We specialise in advising on the structure of businesses as a way of achieving this.
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New and emerging business support

Running your own business can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it takes far more than just hard work, ambition and knowledge of your industry.
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Business dependency service

In an effort to reduce costs or maintain quality, many business owners end up taking the burden of work on themselves. From winning new clients and romancing existing ones, to dealing with government red tape and buying the coffee.
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Profit and Cash Flow Improvement Service

The so-called credit crunch which began in 2008 has dramatically reduced the funds available to owner managed businesses. Many lenders have left the market and the ones that remain are limiting lending to those businesses with the greatest security. Whereas a business could previously rely on borrowing to finance growth, it is now more important to focus on profit levels and cash flow management.
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Strategic planning

In the current climate, it is easy for you as a business owner to simply soldier on dealing with all the day to day difficulties that your business faces. But a business operating without any kind of plan is far more likely to fail or achieve its potential than a business working with one.
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Succession planning and retirement

Have you thought about what will happen when you retire? Are you concerned about funding your retirement?
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Below are some of the frequently asked questions which we are often asked.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of your services?

The price of services is dependent on the amount of work we will do for you and a quote or fixed fee will be offered to you after your free consultation. We do offer a competitive price and excellent value for our services. We always ensure that we only provide a service that will benefit you financially and won’t recommend a service that will cost you more than you will benefit.

Can you save me more tax than our current accountant?

The answer is that we very likely can. Whilst all accountants work within the same set of rules, not all accountants are aware of everything you can and cannot do. There certainly are some excellent, cost effective ways to minimise your tax bill but the best ones are those that are unique to a particular practice rather than the more standard ones that all practices use.

How easy is it to change accountants?

It is very easy to change accountants. All you need to do is to notify your current accountant that you have spoken to us and we will take care of the rest. Chartered and Chartered Certified accountants are bound to provide us with the information we need in order to take over your affairs.

What sort of expenses can I claim?

Various expenses are allowable each year that you may not have thought about, and some of the most common are as follows:


  • Use of home – although you may operate your business from an office you may also work from home. You can make a claim to cover a portion of the costs of your home
  • Mobile phone costs – although you may pay for your mobile phone personally you are entitled to claim this as a business expense without considering the private use element
  • Christmas party – entertaining is not normally allowable for tax purposes, but you can claim tax relief on a party for your staff and their partners. Beware though as a benefit on the employees may be taxed if the cost exceeds £150 per person.
  • Charitable donations – these can be allowable provided the business benefits from the donation, perhaps through some sort of advertising or recognition of your donation
  • Motor expenses – there are two methods for claiming your motor expenses, and the decision would depend on the type of business you trade through. Method 1 is based on your total cost of travel (petrol receipts, servicing, MOT costs etc) less a reasonable percentage deduction for private use of the vehicle. Method 2 where your annual turnover does not exceed the VAT registration threshold HMRC will allow a claim for 'business' mileage up to their authorised rate, currently 45p per mile.
  • Subsistence – you can claim tax relief if you have to stay away overnight for business purposes and also claim for the cost of breakfast and an evening meal with drinks included. However, lunch costs are specifically excluded from this.

How long do I need to retain any records for?

All records related to the business, including bank statements, invoices and bookkeeping records should be retained for 6 years from the end of the tax year in which the income is declared. 


For example records related to the business declared in the following tax years ends should be held onto until the following dates:


Tax year ended:
Hold records until:

5th April 2011                                                       5th April 2016
5th April 2012
5th April 2017
5th April 2013
5th April 2018

For advice on these and many other issues that affect you, please contact Steve Brown on (01474) 853856