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Making your business less dependent on you



  • One of our consultants will interview you about the day to day issues affecting your business.
  • Using our 10 step review kit, we can develop an action plan that you can implement or we can help you with.
  • Option of follow up reviews to analyse what has worked and what needs further tweaking.
  • Cutting edge software programme that will enable you to identify all the roles within the business and ensure that staff have accurate job descriptions.

For more information please call Steve Brown on (01474) 853856 or email steve@a4g-llp.co.uk



One of the common concerns we hear about from business owners is the number of hours they need to work in order to run their business, losing valuable time with family or just switching off.

Accountants 4 Construction Consultants have a range of "less dependent" services ranging from a few days work to long-term support. The benefits of this service will be apparent instantly and include:


  • Helping you to delegate away mundane tasks.
  • Giving you more time to concentrate on adding value to your business, find new clients or perhaps spend at home.
  • Improves service to your customers.
  • Allows you to monitor the performance of your business without getting involved in every aspect.
  • Helps your business achieve sustained growth.
  • Simplifies your recruitment and training process.