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Do you own a new or emerging business or are you thinking about starting a business?

Features of the service include:


  • Initial consultation with one of our "Start-up Specialists".
  • Tailored advice regarding a tax efficient structure of your business that is specific to your needs and requirements.
  • New business kit - we have brought together our wealth of experience and knowledge in this handy reference guide.
  • Completion of all of the forms to get you and your new business set up correctly.
  • Supply of a new Sage Accounts package.
  • One-to-one training on how to use your Sage Accounts package for your business, which will include:
    • Showing you how to account for business income and expenditure.
    • Showing you how to reconcile your bank accounts.
    • Showing you how to reconcile liabilities on your system.
    • Showing you how to understand your Profit and Loss account and your Balance Sheet.
    • Showing you how to prepare your quarterly VAT Return forms.
  • A further consultation with one of our "Start-up Specialists" six months after your initial consultation to ensure that your business is on the right track.
  • Introduction to suitable bank managers.
  • Review of your paperwork and website to ensure compliance with current legislation.
  • £120 worth of vouchers for you to obtain online HR and Health & Safety Advice.

For more information please call Steve Brown on (01474) 853856 email steve@a4cc.co.uk



Running your own business can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it takes far more than just hard work, ambition and knowledge of your industry.


There are lots of decisions that need to be made when you are first starting out. Who are your customers going to be and how are you going to reach them? How will you cover the initial cost of getting setup and finance your growth? How will you be structured? Are you going to employ anyone?

If you are serious about making your new business a success, Accountants 4 Construction Consultants can help you deal with the many challenges that you can expect to face in the first few years of trading. Below is a checklist to work from:




  1. Have a written action plan of what needs to be done to achieve your goals.
  2. Decide whether your business needs limited liability status to protect your personal assets.
  3. Identify how you will raise awareness about your company amongst potential customers.   
  4. Choose the most tax efficient structure and register with HM Revenue & Customs.
  5. Establish if you are legally required to, or if it is in your interests to, register for VAT and complete the necessary paperwork for HM Revenue and Customs.
  6. Calculate how much finance your business will need in its first year.
  7. Find a suitable way of raising that finance.
  8. Get the correct insurance - if you are trading you are legally required to have public liability insurance and if you have employees, you must also have employers liability insurance.
  9. Find suitable business premises.   
  10. Find a good bank manager.    
  11. Set up an appropriate method for keeping your accounting records.
  12. Put a good credit control system in place.  
  13. Identify your REAL break-even point after considering your monthly drawings and the tax that you need to pay.
  14. Ensure that your accounting system reports on your monthly results and identifies your key performance indicators.
  15. Have an accurate cash flow forecast and a plan in place to fund any shortfalls.
  16. Find a proactive accountant who can give you the best advice.
  17. Identify a way of measuring the success of your sales and marketing activity.
  18. Find good reliable suppliers and negotiate good deals with them.  
  19. Identify how you are going to free up your time so that you can be working on the business rather than in the business.
  20. Set yourself up as an employer and a contractor/subcontractor (this is relevant if you are working in the construction industry) with HM Revenue & Customs.

Accountants 4 Construction Consultants have been helping hundreds of owners-managers put in place the key building blocks that create successful businesses.

We have packaged our wealth of experience and knowledge in the "Head Start Service" and this service will help your new or emerging business get ahead and avoid becoming one of the many new businesses that fail each year.


Benefits of the service include:

This service will enable you to focus on issues that will allow your business to grow.


  • You will have the "peace of mind" that comes from knowing that everything has been set up properly for you.
  • You will have a business structure that is as tax efficient as possible.
  • You will be able to obtain and interpret accurate monthly information to regularly assess the performance your business.
  • You will have access to a network of proactive professional advisors.